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We work with the Danish aromatherapy brand Karmameju with its pure, natural and aromatherapeutic effect stimulates body and mind. For the sore muscles, we use Karmameju’s Tension Release Power Potion, which active ingredience warms and release tension and soreness. 

The online booking is in Danish and therefore we have shown the name of the treatment (in Danish) to help you through the online booking.


Back massage or Face massage (cosmetologist) (25 min.) - (Rygmassage eller Ansigtsmassage)
Relaxing and calming massage of Face, neck and chest or Back, lower back and shoulders.
450 kr. 
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Body massage (cosmetologist) (50 min.) - (Kropsmassage)
Relaxing and calming massage of your body.
700 kr. 
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Deluxe Body massage (cosmetologist) (80 min.) - (Deluxe kropsmassage) 
Relaxing and calming massage of your body. If there is a part of your body where you want extra attention your beauty therapist will focus on this part.
950 kr. 
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Pregnant massage (50 min.) - (Gravidmassage)
Relaxing and calming massage of your pregnant body. The treatment boosts the elasticity of the skin, increases blood cirkulation, can reduce swollen arms and legs, prevent stiff muscles and provide you with increase wellbeing. Our beauty therapist is specially trained in pregnant massage. 
700 kr.
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Deep Clean back (25 min.) - (Deep Clean ryg)
This treatment focuses on deep cleaning your back.  
475 kr. 
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Hot Stone massage (50 min.)
Hot Stone Massage is an ancient Native American massage form where heated lava stones are applied to special points on the body. The heated stones are massaged with rolling and gentle movements on the body. The heat from the stones radiates slowly throughout the body, penetrates deep into the muscles, and releases tension.
750 kr. 
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Professional masseuse (Mila)
Our experienced masseuse Mila is trained in the most massage techniques. Below are described the physiurgic massage. Physiurgic massage is a more specific massage that works deeply in the tissues and muscles than our other massages that are wellness massages. The focus is the moving device, ie. getting muscles, tendons and joints to work optimally. A physiurgic massage treatment compensates for the harmful effects that sedentary work, stress and stress can cause. The nervous system is activated so that blood circulation in muscles and tissues is stimulated. The pressure in the muscles and tissues is increased, so that waste material is more easily excreted and the balance of the muscles restored. The starting point is the body's anatomical structure, which demands the masseur's knowledge of where the muscles originate, attach and how they progress. Therefore, a large part of the training as a physiurgic masseage is spent on a systematic review of the individual muscles in the body. Different massage techniques are used as needed.

Positive effects:

  • Tense and stiff muscles are loosened, thus relieving the body
  • Muscle tension is prevented thereby increasing movement of muscles, tendons and joints.
  • Pain relief; production of endorphins (body morphine) is increased
  • Recovery time after sports injuries can be shortened
  • Tension headaches are alleviated
  • Relaxing effect on body and mind
  • Promotes a relaxing state of mental alertness

Fysiurgical, Hawaii, Lymphatic or Relaxing massage (masseuse) (25 min.) 550 kr.
Fysiurgical, Hawaii, Lymphatic or Relaxing massage (masseuse) (50 min.) 850 kr. 
Fysiurgical, Hawaii, Lymphatic or Relaxing massage (masseuse) (80 min.) 1.100 kr.
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Cancellation rules
Cancellation later than 12 hours before your booking, 200 kr i paid. Changes to your booking cannot be done online less than 12 hours before. Changes less that 12 hours before booking, can only be done by Self Care Shop. We do not receive cancellations on SMS. If non-show, you must by the full amount.


General information to the body treatments
You will notice a clear difference after the treatments on both the muscles but also mentally and psychologically, as our beauty therapists are trained in a classic aromatherapy massage that relieves stress, stomach problems, headaches, etc. You will experience different pressures and more in-depth rotations to loosen up muscle and tension as well as boost blood circulation and give you more energy.
It is recommended that if you have a specific problem you would like to work on, you start with a treatment program of a few treatments and then maintain with a massage every 1-2 months.