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Eyelash extensions - single lashes...

Eyelash extensions - single lashes are natural, sensual and provide a seductive look. You can get the most beautiful and full lashes that are applied individually. Eyelash Extensions - single lashes have come to stay and are a must among the beauty-conscious women who want a natural and feminine look. Book Eyelash Extensions at Self Care Shop & Clinic in Østerbro.

First, the lashes are selected where you are guided through the different types. The starting point is the size of your natural lashes and what they can wear. Together we find the curve, length and thickness that best matches you and your lashes.

  • Your lower lashes are insulated with a moisturizing eye patch, eyes closed and Eyelash Extensions application begins
  • One by one, a single Extension is applied to each of your own natural lashes
  • The application takes about 2 hours for a new stitch and you often fall asleep along the way as the procedure is very comfortable. You can only look forward to open your eyes and see the beautiful result. A full set of Eyelash Extensions means that Extensions are applied to as many lashes as possible
  • To maintain the beautiful lashes, a large filling is recommended about every 4-5. week. It will always be individual how long the refills take.
  • If you wish to have your Eyelash Extensions removed, this is done easily and carefully with our solution gel. Never remove your Extensions yourself.



Eyelash Extensions single lashes - new set (150 min.) - (Eyelash Extensions single vipper - nyt sæt)
1.099 kr       

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Large refill Eyelash Extensions single lashes (60 min.) - (Stor opfyldning Eyelash Extensions single vipper)
A large refill is typically after 4-5 weeks but it can vary from person to person.
599 kr

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Small refill Eyelash Extensions single lashes (30 min.) - (Lille opfyldning Eyelash Extensions single vipper)
Small refill is typically after 2-3 weeks but it can vary from person to person.
349 kr

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Removal of Eyelash Extensions (15 min.) - (Aftagning af Eyelash Extensions)
199 kr

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Cancellation rules
Cancellation later than 12 hours before your booking, 200 kr i paid. Changes to your booking cannot be done online less than 12 hours before. Changes less that 12 hours before booking, can only be done by Self Care Shop. We do not receive cancellations on SMS. If non-show, you must by the full amount.